Welcome to Lord's Gym, an Outreach Sports Center designed to help you become the best you, inside & out, that you could possibly be. "You can't do life alone, you can't reach your goals alone, SO DON'T EVEN TRY"! #JoinUsToday

"Get in the Best Shape of Your Life"


Lord's Gym comes equipped with many cardio choices. We understand that every body is different and every body reacts differently. So, we've got treadmills, Elliptical's, Stair Steppers, Seated bicycles and even an outdoor running route if you want to push yourself. These machines are maintained daily and ready just for you! 


It's not just about getting big... it's about gaining strength and confidence to live this life to the fullest!


Whether you are looking to gain mass, or become lean, we have all of the equipment to make that happen. Not only do we offer free weights, we also offer machine equipment. From Hammer Strength to Squat Racks, we are confident that we have what you need to reach your goals. You could find yourself coming back from an injury, we also provide machines such as shoulder press, preacher curl, leg machines & more.


"Those who get to the top... DON'T GET THERE ALONE!"


So you have this amazing goal to get into the gym and get in the best shape of your life. At home, you're going to eat clean & right... BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START OR WHAT TO DO? No problem, we can help. Talk to any Lord's Gym Staff Member on your next visit.


"Sometimes, you just want to laugh & hang with friends"


When we say "We're more than a gym" we mean it! Not only can you come workout, but you can also come and just hang with friends. From gaming consoles, a pool table, and t.v. entertainment room which airs sporting events, we want you to feel like you're right at home... with us! 


"In this life it is not about what we GET, it's about what we GIVE"!


We're about giving back! The reality is this, everyone at some time or another needs a hand up. So, every single week we go out into our community to serve the needs of others. This comes in many different forms like; food & cloth distribution, one on one counseling, and even events like baseball games, hockey games, holiday events, barbecues, & more.